Columbia / Tristar

Before becoming a partner at Propeller, Tim Nett started a company called Trailer Park. As the founder and CEO, he helped it grow to become the largest entertainment ad agency in the world. In 2012, Tim launched the entertainment advertising division of Propeller and brought in long-time associates Alex Sadof, Linda Bobel, and Sue Resatka. We are proud of the creative work they have each done over the years, so we are showcasing some of it on this page. Today, we are honored to work with the finest film studios and production companies in the world. We invite you to click and enjoy.

21 "Domestic Theatrical Trailer"

88 Minutes "Framed Review"

Ali "Discover Review"

Ghost Rider "Glass"

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance "Ride"

Hancock "Kids-Fun"

Michael Jackson's This Is It "Dream"

Spiderman 3 "IMAX"

The Fog "Fear"

The Green Hornet "The Hornet"

The Other Boleyn Girl "Scandal"

Vantage Point "Action"

You Don't Mess With the Zohan "Kids"