Propeller is a creative agency with a unique set of capabilities and a distinctive philosophy. We are a like-minded team of creative professionals dedicated to the promotion of quality brands and entertainment. We use our time, talent, and resources to support causes that better our planet, society, and humanity. We are proud of the effective and award-winning work our creative community has done for some of the most respected products, brands, and world-changing causes.

Propeller was originally founded in 1999 by Rick Rabe. In 2012, the agency was reorganized when Rick's long-time partners Tim Nett and Lincoln Stalmaster joined the agency's leadership. Propeller has offices in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and New York.

Propeller is unique because we offer six creative disciplines which would traditionally be housed within separate agencies. Our creative teams are completely integrated and span across brand marketing, entertainment marketing, philanthropic communications, design, influencer marketing, and film production.

The Propeller family of companies helps to produce and market blockbuster entertainment for the top content providers in the world including Sony, Disney, Universal, Starz, Amazon, HBO, Netflix, and Warner Bros. These industry-leading artists are frequently nominated for – and win – Emmy and Academy Awards. That includes the production of original series, like Matthew Weaver's award-winning “Chef’s Table.” The facilities include 180,000 square feet spread across eight prime Hollywood locations, and these amazing 600+ film production artists are considered to be among the best in the world. Regardless of budget, every Propeller client has access to our production powerhouse – and that's how we make sure that every great idea is distinctive and well executed from start to finish.

We ignite communities of believers around shared truth. This truth is the essence of an organization, what distinguishes it, and what it strives to achieve. We believe the most powerful and influential connections are made through community. Community is more than the sum of individuals it contains. It exerts a multiplier effect on the affinity and kinship people have with a brand or organization, fuels a deeper, more unshakeable loyalty, and takes evangelism to the next level through active advocacy. This is the Power of WE.

A shift is needed in how relationships are built. Today’s transactional-based marketing is outdated, merely driving superficial “likes” and “followers” and incremental change. Community is built on the shared truth, transparency, and mutuality that fosters trust and a heartfelt sense of belonging. We believe community is the future of marketing. We believe in the Power of WE.

We know how to navigate complex organizations. Because we work with complex organizations like American Express, GE, and Harvard, we have developed the expertise required to successfully manage projects that require the involvement of hundreds of stakeholders. We foster a disciplined process that helps build buy-in at every stage of the creative process.

Awards are a wonderful pat on the back, but the work has got to work. In addition to winning top honors at the most celebrated creative showcases in the world, our creative solutions are also recognized for their effectiveness in the marketplace. Perhaps it is because we believe that great work requires passion, intelligence, and personal commitment – a truth demonstrated by a portfolio that spans four decades. We believe that everything we create should stand up to the scrutiny of customers, employees, and CFOs alike. So, although we enjoy the little gold statues, we are even more pleased that our clients continue to partner with us year after year.